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What are the career options for Health Systems Development Course?

  • 19 November 2020
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Hi I recently signed up for the Health Systems Development Course and I would like to know the possible career options that it falls into. Thank You!

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Thanks for your question! Coursera courses are designed to help learners develop career-relevant skills, but often these skills can be applied across a variety of job titles. (One exception is Professional Certificates, which are designed to filly prepare the learner for a specific job role).

At a high level Health Systems Development Specialization is aligned with careers in public health, but your individual career options will depend on your experience, education, and skills.

To understand the range of career outcomes for a particular course and identify possible paths for you, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Identify career keywords from the program description. Review course information for keywords indicating learning outcomes and skills developed. For example, the Health Systems Development Specialization uses terms such as “health system reform" and "healthcare policies.” 
  2. Use LinkedIn to research people who match the keywords from Step 1. To do that, enter your keywords in the search box at the top of your LinkedIn page, and then select “People” as a filter. This should yield a list of people who list your target keywords in their profiles. Review the profiles to understand where these people work and identify which roles are most aligned with your background and interests.
  3. Speak with industry professionals. Once you identify some roles that you think might represent good career options for you, begin speaking with people experienced in those fields. From these conversations, you will be able to understand whether a particular career is a good fit for you and what you would need to pursue it. Refer to Project Career Research for more guidance on this process.




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Thank You @VeraF  I really appreciate the feedback.