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Resume format for Cyber security in Pakistan

  • 8 December 2020
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 What resume format would you recommend for someone in the Pakistan, who is an undergraduate student and who is now looking for a role in Cyber security after completing IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera?

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Resumes in Pakistan generally follow the same best practices as US resumes, which you can learn about in this Coursera Resume Guide. As a university student, make sure to incorporate the following elements:

  • Create a short (1-2 sentence) summary at the top of your resume, focusing on what makes you uniquely qualified for a Cybersecurity role. The content will depend on all the relevant skills and experiences you have. Independently completing IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera might be a differentiator worth mentioning.

  • List your education immediately below your Summary section, since that’s the core of your value prop to the employer. Include both your University degree and your Professional Certificate in that section since they’ll be highly relevant to the employer.

  • Include a Skills section, highlighting your cybersecurity and other relevant skills.

  • Add a Projects section to list any projects - academic or personal - relevant to Cybersecurity. This section is particularly important for students who don’t have significant professional experience.

Finally, remember that your primary goal is to communicate your value and differentiate yourself from your completions. As a university student, you want to show that you can do everything your classmates can do - and more. Good luck!

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@VeraF Thanks a lot!