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Hello Community! Let me introduce myself.

  • 1 January 2021
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My name is David Ezekiel. I work with a startup accelerator in Lagos where I support founders to build their products from MVP to launch. In two cohorts, I have worked with 30+ founders who are building tech-enabled solutions in edtech, fintech, agritech, logistics, etc.

My interest in data science and how it can be utilized into making data driven decisions started in my third year as a Civil Engineering student after I completed a project that involved the collection of data on the number of vehicles using a 30km road that led to my campus. Together with my project group, we compared this data with available data from public transportation companies, then worked at discovering emerging patterns.

With my experience within the startup ecosystem, I am excited to build a career in data science. Significantly, I am happy to be here to improve my learning and collaborate with data scientists across the globe. Completing the Coursera Data Science Professional Course has been a fascinating experience for me.

I am open to roles in data science in any location.

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