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Entry level job in Data Science

  • 4 January 2021
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Hello Everyone,

I have completed my IBM Data Scince Professional Certificate course.I need any help to start a new career in Data Science field. How can I get an entry level job? Anyone having any knowledge please help.

Thank you.

6 replies

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The best thing is to go ahead and start applying. LinkedIn has several opportunities available.


You can create a github portfolio with the projects that you have completed and put it on your resume and linkedin profile.

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Yeah, Github’s a great way to showcase your work in really any academic area. You can pin up to 6 repositories of your work I think on Github.


Is Coursera or IBM not helping their certificated professional to find a job opportunities?

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I wouldn’t make a broad sweeping statement as such.

Actually COURSERA has a couple of videos and PDFs by professionals that give good hints of how to design a resume’ so one gets noticed by recruiters for Data Science positions. These can be found in the “Career Center” tab at the top of this page.

Other than that, one has to apply and apply.


Coursera has the most reliable and qualified online education platform. They offer quality courses and professional certificates from major universities. Companies also need well-trained and certified professionals. I wish there was a collaboration between Coursera and the companies and it would contribute to the discovery of successful trainees by these companies.