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Why does design thinking matter?

  • 26 August 2019
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I have learnt a bit about Design Thinking now and I believe why this subject is even required?

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Design thinking isn't to be thought of as a "silver bullet", but rather as a framework to create one. By that I mean that it will help you identify the correct problem and help you build the best solution that solves it.

"The correct problem" is one, which on solving would lead to maximum value creation.
"The best solution" is one, which delivers this maximum value.

The key aspects to manage while you dive into design thinking are:
  • It takes time to tune yourself to such a mindset.
  • The expectations associated need to be managed while in the process of learning.
  • Persistence (It is an iterative process and takes a lot of practice).
It's like a circular dependency i.e. to understand and appreciate its true value you must understand its true value, and that takes practice.

Bill Burnett, executive director of the design programme at Stanford University, once said: “You can’t fix a problem that you don’t think you have.” He especially stresses the importance of understanding what you are trying to do before you start with design thinking.

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@meghnapant My thought on Design Thinking, is a way to empathise with the users and a tool to help designers and researchers to define the user needs.

I have attached some documents for you. They are from Stanford School of Design and you can find more exciting reading on their website about Design Thinking.

You are welcome to have a look at a Design Thinking presentation I created in connecting with a reminder app I designed. View Design Thinking Presentation

Link to some resources Stanford School of Design.
Scroll down on the page to find the link to the files.


I hope you find it useful.

Have a great evening.

/ Nina
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I have another link for you

Here you can find a lot of information about Design Thinking, free and paid courses and inspiration.
Enjoy ! :-)

/ Nina