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What Tools Do You Use to Test the Accessibility of Your Prototypes?

  • 23 August 2019
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I've compiled a few resources I wanted to share on the subject of accessibility. Here's a blog post by PopArt Studio, Inclusive Design: Making Websites Accessible to Everyone on principles that designers should keep in mind when creating accessible web UIs. Also a great resource for an overview on the topic is the W3C page on Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion. And this article, We're Just Temporarily Abled, which includes a list (toward the bottom of the post) of tools for testing sites for accessibility, though there's no substitute for direct user testing!

What's your experience with accessibility, either as a designer or user or both? What tools and techniques do you use to test prototypes for accessibility?

8 replies

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Hint: Check out these search results on "accessibility" from the Nielsen Norman Group website.

"Integration of accessibility into product development lifecycles is a goal that many have yet to achieve. A key reason for this is accessibility testing was traditionally a specialist task by specialist teams using specialist tools. A fresh new approach is enabled by switching to manual and automated code inspection tools. Learn how these tools can be used by mainstream developers and programmers, and how you can use this change to implement a more efficient and more cost-effective quality assurance focused approach to accessibility." -Making Accessibility Happen
I'm now a designer at Coursera but previously worked at Khan Academy.

Khan Academy created a great browser plugin for testing the accessibility of elements on a page, Tota11y. (Chrome plugin). You can also check out the main homepage for the project.
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@Kitt Hirasaki This is a very nifty tool! Thanks for sharing this. It's so easy to use. -Kai
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Hi everyone.
Do some of you know of a course and certification in accessibility?

/ Nina
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Hi @NAAi,

There's a few courses on Coursera related to accessibility. All of them look pretty cool.

An Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education

Ubiquitous Learning and Instructional Technologies

Accessibility to the Scenic Arts - I liked this course's description in particular. It includes the customer journey to illustrate what accessibility can include. "Is your show accessible? ...Accessibility for us is a comprehensive concept that goes from purchasing a ticket through an accessible website to catching the bus back home after the performance on accessible public transport. Accessible webs, accessible web content, accessible transport, subtitling, audio description... the possibilities are endless."
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@Kai Dailey Hi Kai,

Thank you very much. I had a look at the courses you referred to. I have read the syllabus (the overview) and could not find information about the content. What I am looking for is a course where I learn the core skills to apply WCAG 2.0 (At least AA) and Section508 (US) to mobile design, responsive designs and software design. I could not see that WCAG 2.0 or Section508 is mentioned in any of the courses. Maybe I have read the wrong text.
I need to find courses that have the content of WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 to apply accessibility to the design, so it will respect the law.
Maybe the courses you send does have that, I just can not see that at the first glance.
best wishes,
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@NAAi I just sent you a DM. 🙂
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Here's a couple resources for selecting palettes for contrast and color blindness:

Contrast Checker:

Color Palettes for Color Blindness