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What kind of design do you do or are interested in doing?

  • 23 August 2019
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IxD includes so many different kinds of design. What forms of design do you practice professionally, as a hobby, or as a learner? What projects have you completed that you are most proud of and/or have enjoyed the most?

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@Kai Dailey
You are asking all the hard questions today :-)
I have designed both software, apps, websites and other digital marketing products.
The area I like to design for is healthcare, which is very important to me.
I designed an app to manage and help ease the diagnosis of some diseases, as a private project. I worked with scientists, doctors, patients and institutions. I did a lot of research on the subject and interviewed many users. I finally created a fully working prototype of the app.
I designed another app, I did everything from UX design to UI design, digital marketing and working with many external companies.
As I have been teaching for many years, I would like to design solutions for educational purposes, or within healthcare.
I just really enjoy finding a better User Experience in all products.

/ Nina

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@NAAi Great app design! Thanks for posting a link to your work. You've developed really excellent experience and skills! Education and healthcare are really in demand fields right now in terms of user experience, solutions, and systems design. I think there's a lot of infrastructure development to keep designers busy. Yet it's also so competitive--really tough for many new designers to break into the field. What's been your experience with finding projects, etc.?
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@Kai Dailey Hi Kai, thank you for the nice words on my designs. The 2 app project I started myself, after being presented with many issues for patients and medical staff in treating some conditions.
As I have a degree in software design and development and also have studied medical subjects, it was a natural thing for me to start the app project.
The other reminder app, I started because I was encouraged to do so from parents. I started a small company and launched the app in 2017.
So both apps have been created out from real problems people are facing and I did a lot of UX research, especially on the health app.
Before these projects, I was working with designing and implementing websites for clients from many industries.
/ Nina