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Interactive Fun with Three.js!

  • 4 September 2019
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I wanted to share this interactive animated project "A Short Trip" by Alexander Perrin posted to With your right and left arrow keys, you can control the trolley's journey as it picks up passengers through a hand-illustrated countryside. The ambient sounds as the trolley moves through the landscape are really excellent. I loved interacting with this experience! My only critiques might be that it lacks adequate usability cues (or hints) about areas of action and that it doesn't provide an option to return to the beginning without reloading the page. Or at least I didn't see one.

If you visit this very cool project, come back to the IxD forum and share your thoughts with us.

1 reply

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This is so cool! I learned that I'm a really terrible trolley car driver – every single time I had to slam on the brakes and back up to pick up more cats in cloaks. I'm glad you mentioned the sound as I played it first without. It does add a lot to the experience!