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Game Design Courses and Specialization

  • 5 September 2019
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Hi there!

If you are taking courses or specializations on Video Game Design, please let them know in the comments.

I like games, but I'm more passionate about knowing how they are built from ideas.

This is a good opportunity to meet us.

1 reply

Hi Esteban,

I've assembled a series of courses on video game design and am going thru them one by one -- I estimate I'll be done in another two years. I've made tens of board games as a kid... I'd come-up with a premise, borrow pieces from other board games, and make my own board/maps.

Does, "passionate about knowing how they are built from ideas" refer to the genesis of a game idea?

Because that's where I'm strong... The coming-up with the ideas. The reason I'm on Coursera is to get a more formal education in the programming side of video game design. Before coming to Coursera, I had been doing Udemy and Skillshare courses. Honestly, the information available on this topic is sooo good! And the free tools are awesome and their learning curves can easily be navigated with Udemy and Skillshare courses.

Tho I've been on the game creation journey for years now, I'm just now formalizing my indie studio company. I've come-up with a name, purchased my URL (there's not even a website yet), and I'm consuming every bit of knowledge I can to make this my career.

The two best bits of knowledge I've run into of late:

  1. The book "One-Hour Skirmish Wargames." Here's a review: Dale's Wargames Blog
  2. And this Game Developers Conference lecture: How to Survive in Gamedev for Eleven Years Without a Hit
All the best,