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Design Challenge #1: Designing for Online Accessibility

  • 25 August 2019
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If you're looking for some additional practice scenarios to stretch your skills and build portfolio pieces, design challenges can be really useful. Please feel free to create and share your own design challenges and solutions with the forum.

As a companion to my previous post, "What Tools Do You Use to Test the Accessibility of Your Prototypes?" this design challenge examines concepts of accessibility in online UI/UX.

As students of IxD, we know that usability and accessibility go hand-in-hand to make excellent designs. But how do we begin the process of making great online designs that are accessible to everyone? One first step can be to learn about users' needs through their own experiences in a Think Aloud session. Here’s a great post by @Sonal Patel from the Study Tips forum on Navigating the discussion forum by a blind learner. This video provides an excellent opportunity to see how an assistive device interacts with the Coursera user interface that you're already familiar with and the user experience it produces.

Design Challenge
From an IxD design perspective, what improvements, if any, to the Coursera course forum UI (or another forum you use) would you recommend for improving accessibility and user experience, based on Sonal’s post(s) and video? Respond by posting any of the following:

· a usability summary and/or critique
· a redesigned wireframe or sketch that indicates revised tab order or other assistive device interactions
· a video walk-through of the forum indicating opportunities for assistive redesign
· a link to an interactive prototype (via apps like Balsamiq, POP, JustinMind, Axure, etc.)

Good luck and happy designing!

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Thank you Kai for sharing my posts. Truly, usability and accessibility go hand in hand. Great initiative here.
I will share these with individuals whose videos you have mentioned here. thanks!