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Would my post get more response in IT forum?

  • 30 July 2020
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Hi everyone,

I took a Contact Tracing course where I learned the potential of Technology helping to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here is the post

I am curious if this technology related community would have a higher rate of participation?


5 replies

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Hi, I think that a finished product is someway less interesting than the technology behind it, from the point of view of a learner. Therefore, a specific question usually activates more participation than an open question would.

As for my opinion on the subject, computers are simply more advanced systems of arithmetics so any thought about going backward to making sums with paper and ink is out of question. That’s why I took a course on creating a pc from scratch, after reading about the “Collapse OS” project.

The only big concern is privacy, you know. It’s a sort of “all or nothing” deal.

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@ATP   thanks for your perspective and sharing your observation about forum participation, ie specific question vs open question.  Since I am inquiring/exploring the characteristics of interactions about this forum, your input provides one data point, and your experience provides a baseline of sort.  I am thankful.

While on a digression along your response, and not back to technology specifically related to Contact Tracing, I am curious about your reference to the “Collapse OS” project, and “all or nothing” deal.  Would you care to elaborate further?  If you have a separate thread on the topic, do point me to it or source(s) so that I can read up on the topic and see if I come to the same conclusion of “all or nothing” deal.  

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The Collapse OS is a fascinating project about a minimalist operating system that anyone could set up by collecting electronic garbage in a post-nuclear world. To be honest I think it more deals on a synth-nostalgia of the 80's and movies like Electric Dreams and Terminator, since the actual Python/Raspberry-natives would find it the only (and different) approach. 

Enough to trigger a vision, though, and an interest.

This may end in a criticism however. In the AI forum you will find more "deep-learners" and specific issues, but generally speaking, in a forum of learners, there also appears a lot of people whose only concern is to fastly get a trendy certificate to find a job. 

Not because I received a different education, but because when we're asked to do what we "really" like to do, we discover we lack self-entrepreneurship, and this is terrifying. 

All or nothing means that while our personal data and customer behaviour are normally given in exchange of what we like to visit, buy, chat... a "tracing app" now sounds really too much; surgery masks are a treat to fundamental civil rights; it’s all a plot to destroy jobs, and so on. 

As for a reference link, I rather feel I'd like to suggest this movie, don't specifically know why, but if you are a culture person you can't miss it in your database:


I hope you enjoy it

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@ATP   Thanks for the elucidation, a characterization of the majority of people on this forum, ie certificate oriented and career focused, and a suggestion to a movie.

I am familiar with AI and Data Science.  I enjoy Dr Andrew Ng’s course and subscribe to his newsletter to keep up with the amazing development in the field.  The speed that progress is being made, it is coming to a time when one cannot tell fake from reality.  When one sees how political campaigners use Facebook data (via firms like Cambridge Analytica) to be able to manipulate voters mind to vote Trump into office, we may be evolving to Huxley’s  Brave New World.

On that note, it appears that the movie that you suggested, and I have yet to watch it is similar in that light.  Will let you know after I have a chance to watch it.

I feel lucky that you took the time to share so much.  I am aware of the fear of Contact Tracing evolving into unauthorized surveillance practice.  Unfortunately, there was at least one precedent case in America that surfaced.  If you are not aware of that, check out Permanent Record.

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Hi, well I always thought they don't really need a treacherous tracing app within a treacherous pandemic to read my posts? 

What really really questions me, is how is it possible the country that implemented Dewey's teaching method has actually a social caste issue. 

- a human sacrifices issue.

You see it deals on superstition and paranoia: as Dewey stated, one of "the four elements" of a democratic state is for children never undergo superstitious beliefs. The idea of a God that gives Prizes and Punishments causes for children to please a parental figure in order to receive back protection, rather than developing a strategic mind and gain self-confidence. They will be trapped inside an endless loop "Obey or Rebel", aimed either way to “Power” that is, to personal Safety. 

At the top of this hierarchy there is a God who "LOVES ONLY IF", an affective dependent God who fears death, and needs human sacrifices to be granted for its safety. 

As long as we will stick on this archaic Success-Failure model and impose them to children we will have an archaic society of paranoia and competition for “Power and Safety”, no matter how you call them (Capitalism or Communism or Christianity) they all are based onto a perfect homogeneity.

God is in the eternal search for it.

Yes THX1138 recalls Brave New World so much; in case you don't know it, I suggest you also reading "Flatland" by rev. Abbott (1884; also some movie versions).