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What did you learn in Technical Support Fundamentals?

  • 15 August 2019
  • 8 replies
What did you learn in Technical Support Fundamentals?
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The course of the week is Technical Support Fundamentals taught by Grow with Google.

@Claire and I are hoping that together we can help people find great courses through the community. Every week, we're featuring a course and inviting people who have taken the course to share their course highlights and how they're using what they learned.

Have you taken Technical Support Fundamentals?

What did you like about it?

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?

Who would benefit from taking this course?

What have you done with what you learned?

8 replies

I took Technical Support Fundamentals.

It was a great introduction to the four courses that are subsequent to this in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate course. It explained at a high level what computer networking is in the world of IT, what operating systems will be covered, infrastructure for a company and an introduction to cyber security concepts. It explains why these are important for an IT specialist to know.

If you are new to IT, this is just the right level to ease you into IT. If you are from an IT or software background, you will probably find the content is very familiar and can speed watch the videos or move straight onto the next course in the specialization.
Its a powerful bundle of I.T Tech fundamentals that I recommend to anyone knew or intermediate in the field. I would say it's usefulness is in the well-rounded knowledge you can gain from it.
Like all the above writers, I was amazed by the authority the instructor had over their respective subject matter.
Yes, most of the stuff was not so new but I had a better grip on the practical part of it say the System administration, Networking, Operating System. The command line based workarounds did it for me as well. I loved the quizzes as well as the assignments.
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I took the course and I really liked how everything was professionally made with motivated teachers, good questions and easy to understand terminologies.

I think everything was key skills and good knowledge for me since I can use everything when working with IT.

I think everyone interested in working with IT will benefit from this course and it is a good start to a career in the field.

I have plans to take more IT courses here on Coursera and I look forward to applying the new skills in private and in work related situations:)
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Technical Support Fundamentals gave me a good introduction to what would be covered in the additional IT support courses, and critically, how the material would be covered.

The way the material was presented was very encouraging, and NOT intimidating at all. Technical topics can really scare a lot of people away, but the "you can do this!" attitude presented in this course really shined through.

My biggest take-away from the course was to get a good feel for how the larger group of courses would be presented. While I already had a good understanding of most of the nuts and bolts of the material covered, I did pickup some info in that filled in some gaps in my knowledge.

I think the course would be beneficial to many: people curious about technology, people interested in getting into a technology career, and even those already working in technology fields.

I've used many skills I learned in the full Google IT Support Professional Certificate courses in my current role, and it's given me a better idea of what the next steps I want to take in my career.
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I took the Technical Support Fundamentals Course last year when I was about to graduate from secondary school at 17.

As someone who has only been interested in the surface level IT, I didn't think I would quickly be able to grasp the ideas and being a female, African teenager I just believed the things would be way over my head. But I soon saw I was so wrong. The information was presented in such a basic manner, even though it was full of complex topics. And there were 'female' instructors too! I think a majority of society, especially where I live, believe that women can't do well in IT and also that you need to study something computer related before you can go into IT, but I was shown that's totally not true!

This first course out of five in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate really motivated me to want to complete the whole thing. I can say that I'm definitely better for it because I learned how the everyday processes work and how I can even use them in my life. I have actually not just gained IT knowledge but even social skills like interaction with people, both from the troubleshooting module and from the discussion forums we were always encouraged to take part in. I have become much more organised and even more mature. I remember during the module about hardware, I took my family's desktop computer apart and put it back together. It was amazing to see that I could actually apply this knowledge right there and then and I was so relieved when it worked or I would have been in trouble!

I think anyone who's interested in IT and the inner workings of systems, networks, hardware and things like that will definitely benefit. I've recommended the course to quite a number of people who've said they'd check it out. And anyway, if a 17 year old could benefit from this course then anyone with a plan and desire to learn will as well.

With this knowledge, I have been able to up my family's internet security (which apparently was really bad) and I have become the official IT Support Specialist within my family, extended included. In fact, just last weekend, my uncle had a problem with his phone. Incoming calls would ring but not show on the screen. After everyone in my extended family had looked at it and didn't know what to do, he concluded he would go back to the store and claim insurance for a defective phone. I asked to look at it and using the skills learnt from this course, I troubleshooted and found the problem in the phone's call notification settings. The incoming call notifications was disabled, so I enabled it, asked someone to call his phone and it worked! I was over the moon! Everyone was surprised I fixed it so fast and my uncle kept thanking me. It was a really great feeling.

Although I've learnt from this course that as humans, we will make mistakes, fixing them up again is a really good feeling and I honestly can't wait to start work as an IT Support Specialist professionally.
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Hi my name is Hiral , i had completed Technical Support Course few months ago and so far its one of the best course , this course helps you brush up your basic skills and gives you deep knowledge of technical support area. It dives deep into basics of computer, computer networks, operating systems , system administration and cyber security , faculties of this course are amazing and very engaging too.This course is for everyone if you are new to IT to at middle level or even if looking for job change or upgrading your technical skills this course is all you need . To all new learner's I hope you all get the best out of this course and learn as much as possible.


this is my first Professional Certificate and i really love it i learnt lots of things and the teachers are export and give the information with a nice way so that fast understood i am just at the first of the course but really nice