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Review of our Resumes That helps to Modify our mistakes...!!

  • 14 July 2019
  • 6 replies

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Those who are preparing for interviews or campus drives in college,we need to create a great resume,But for Reviewing our Resumes no one are there ,so,please provide an option to review Resumes of candidates @Laura

6 replies

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My Resume Please Review my resume...,i'm preparing for Interview
@ChinnapaReddy Kanakanti this is an excellent idea, to ask for our help here.
I am not an IT person but I can correct some of your cover letter to make it grammatically correct.

* Always use a capital “I” when referring to yourself, not a small “i”.
* Capitalize the first letter of your name.
* You need an apostrophe for the word “Im”. It needs to be “I’m”.
*What specific job are you applying for? You just said “this” job, what job?
* The sentence that begins “Recently...” doesn’t read correctly. You could say, “Recently, I have been part of a select team...”

I hope this helps! You might want to briefly say why this would be a dream job too.
Best of success to you!
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Thank you so much @Judith..
You’re welcome, @ChinnapaReddy Kanakanti .
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Hi @ChinnapaReddy Kanakanti. I think you're looking for the Google IT Completer private forum, where you can get job search support. You can find it here. Or, if you go to, you will see it listed under the "Forums" heading.
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Thank you @Laura