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Need help with my career

  • 6 August 2019
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My name is Olusegun Aremu OGUNGBE, I'm 34 years old from Lagos, Nigeria.

I obtained my BSc degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

I have always loved the internet so I planned to learn more, especially to dip more about behind the scene of every web page (WebDesign fundamentals). That led me to several searches using Google as a guide and I tried to read-up at least every first-page search result from my Google queries. My slogan then to learning was "anything you need to know about technology, just ask Google".
This gave me more and open insights to learn more about web development (HTML, PHP, CSS and how to use Jqueries).

With good hands-on graphical tools like CorelDraw and Adobe Fireworks, computer operating systems installations (Windows) and Software troubleshooting and WiFi router configurations, I was able to gather substantial knowledge to earn a living back in the University.

After my graduation, I was already cooked with computer OS (windows) architecture and good portfolios of websites developed by me. So I decided to start up my career as a website developer specialist (focused on PHP, MySql for HTML & CSS). Was fortunate to be employed in my first job in 2013 as a programmer. The same year I got another offer in an experiential marketing organization (My current employer, Tequila Nigeria Limited).

I was employed in Tequila Nigeria Limited (TNL) as a management trainee to take up a role as a Software developer and an IT Support staff. Where I build up my career tremendously (with the help of YouTube videos as materials) in programming (PHP, CSS, HTML5-Bootstrap, MySQL), Data Analyst/ Data Scientist (Excel PivotTable, PowerBI, Python for Data Analysis and Orange for Data Science using the Anaconda environment) , Mobile Data capturing engineer (using OpenDataKit e-forms with Google services (Google AppSpot console), Network engineer with Windows servers (Domain controller architecture, File Sharing, Automated Back Solutions etc), Computer/Printer Hardware first level support engineer and Networking support staff (Internet Cabling architecture and management with good knowledge working with Mikrotik Routers)......etc.

Always ready to take up new challenges in the IT world and my goal is to achieve seamless IT customer support and business automation for any organization I come across with.

I have taken the "Google IT Support Specialization Certification" courses on Coursera to help me advance my career and this in a month has shaped me beyond my expectation. I really wish for a new employment opportunity with more overheads to work with and deploy all my study experience from here.

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