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just completed courses.

  • 31 July 2020
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    My name is Sharad Kumar Soni.I am Software Engineer at Capgemini.My office location is Mumbai,India.I am from Seoni,Madhya Pradesh,India.I am working from home right now.

I have completed so many courses in coursera platform and earned certificates and badges like :

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate which includes

                                           1.Data Science Orientation
2.Tools for Data Science
3.Data Science Methodology
4.Python for Data Science and AI
5.Databases and SQL for Data Science
6.Data Visualization with Python
7.Data Analysis with Python
8.Machine Learning with Python
9.Applied Data Science Capstone


Agile software Development

Successful Presentation(with honours)

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

and so on 

And I have enrolled for other courses but not completed yet.

I am studying /learning to get a job.My hobbies are Drawing, Reading etc.I love technical subjects of computer science. 

2 replies

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Hi… so much knowledge.. did you create some software- some app to enjoy?

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Hi sonisharad1096,


Congratulation for completing so many courses on Coursera platform, it is a great inspirational journey for others!