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I need the tsoid for the tso lab on the vm

  • 23 February 2021
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hI, there,



signed up a month ago to do the TSO/ISPF labs. TSO screen says to enter an ID, so far for one month no one at coursera or ibm can  tell me what my id and password is, to log into the tso vm, to do the lab on cloud.skytap.com


this is the pdf that shows how to login, but where is the id and password. I have an ibm id, which works fine, but that is not the tso id. So if anyone can shed any light on this mystery that has now take a month to figure out, but for me for cousera and ibm, would appreciate it.

1 reply

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Hi @TSOUSER! I’m sorry to hear about this problem with your labs. You may need to look in your course’s discussion forums since there will be more people that may know how to help you with this. 

You can check out this article that explains how to find and use your course discussion forums. Good luck!