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help center is unuseful

  • 29 July 2019
  • 4 replies

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I have some troubles with coursera. The articles are unuseful. Who will someone decide it?? What happens here??

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4 replies

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Greetings @xolz,

The articles are general information of solve recurring problems, to many learners have been helpful.
You are observing is an element of maintenance either to fix or update for a better experience, it happens in all the pages that put affection and commitment to make it more useful.

We regret that you have frustration, the patience is a virtue, this things go step by step and not all in real time because different aspects to understand the availability of each person who contributes on this platform.

Can tell us what you want to solve in the help center, maybe by describing your situation, we could support you as a community and then you can continue advancing in your goals with the best possible way.
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Sorry to see you encountered this bug @xolz! If you make sure you are logged in to the help center before you try to submit your 'contact us' request you should be able to avoid this problem and get in touch with our support team.
Alternatively you can post your question here, as @Luis Gerardo Ayala B. suggested, and see if the community can help.
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Оk. I'll describe the issue here.

I have chosen a course The thinness of HTML code and done it step by step. I caught several different things between task and revise. I've done a notice about it on the forum. Also, I caught the same notices from other participants about 8 mounts ago. Teaching staff reassured us they correct it. There are the same issues until current.
Each learner do and redone mostly tasks: and
So, my work was ignored several times. Deadlines burned out also.
I know exactly my work successful satisfies almost all requirement. It should get a pass. Ignored.
What we should do?
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Hi @xolz. This sounds frustrating; I'm sorry. Please use this link to contact one of our support agents: What do you want to contact Coursera about? You'll just answer a few questions and then have the option to contact a support agent.