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Google IT Support Professional Certificate Peer Assignment

  • 24 June 2019
  • 5 replies

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If anyone has the time, please review my submission as apparently there are insufficient people to review it in my course. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Also, if you could forward me your assignment, if you need someone to review it for you. I'd be happy to oblige.
Thank you.

5 replies

Hi @marcpranaydavid

i am am curious why you post a course specific peer review request in this community space. Did you get any advice to post here? Or a Help Center article? Or a blog, maybe?
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Hi @Lochcarron ,
I am new to Coursera and was advised to use the forums for accessing peers for review of assignments as apparently there is no one left in the course to review my assignment. I am also unable to find anyone that I can review as part of my task, and am stuck with 2/3 assignments reviewed for peers. Everytime I log into the grade section, it says there are no peers for reviewing at the moment or to review my assignment either.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

This Community is certainly not the place to request reviews . There are people here from all sorts of courses to discuss interesting subjects, or ask general questions about Coursera.

Your best bet is to contact the Help Center and tell them your problem. There is an article here in this community place about contacting the Help Center
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Thanks @Lochcarron for the advice.
You are welcome @marcpranaydavid