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Google IT Support Professional Certificate

  • 22 September 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I am getting to the end of completing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate specialization and receaving my entry level IT support certificate.

Any recommendations on how to stay fresh in what you learn from this certificate program so I can apply the knowledge gained in future job interviews and my career going forward?

I ask because after 5 courses 6 weeks each I want to be able to remember the knowledge I gained from this certificate program and apply it to my future work without forgetting it.

Where should I go after completing this certificate program so I can pull out whatever I learned in this certificate program as to my next step which is interviewing for entry level IT jobs.

How should I prepare for an entry level IT interview?

I look forward to the responses!


2 replies

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Hi @vwhite23. This is a great question. Once you've completed the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, you'll get an email notifying you of access to a private community here in the Coursera Community that's for people like you who have completed this Professional Certificate. There you can find job support resources and you can connect with others in a similar position. I also recommend looking at posts in the public Professional Certificate Community.
Also is a place for I.T. jobs and entry level too probably.
I enrolled in same Google course but am only working on week 2.
I took a job that isn't I.T. it's more healthcare customer service related, but I told my interviewers I'm interested in woking in their I.T. department, eventually.

If you're looking to work, I think a temporary role or contract role in I.T. could be good too.
Also, maybe look at studying up for more certs like A+ and Network + from CompTIA