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Electric Control, a very useful application

  • 19 September 2020
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Hi! My name is Yohana Novena

Here, i want to introduce you an application that named “ Electric Control”. This application will help you to calculate the amount of power in Kwh and with the data rate per Kwh, will be able to calculate the operational costs of a device.


In addition, with Electric Control, you can record all electrical devices that are equipped with power data, other information, location, lifetime and how many days they were used in a month.

You can also check how much power is at one time and how many devices are being used.

With the power usage estimates, you will be able to estimate how much money you should provide for the following days.

This application has been reviewed by Google and the results are also very good. the response of people who have installed this said that this application is very useful and good:grin:

So, if you want to manage the amount of electricity in your home and can immediately find out the costs that must be incurred for using this electricity, download this application in Google Play  Store

here is the link!


Thank You very much for your help!

This is the logo,you can find this on Google Play Store


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