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1st IT project

  • 28 December 2018
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On week 6 of my IT Google support professional certificate specialization. I have my 1st IT job. My HP pavallion 6230 hdd died. My son had an extra Wd Blue 1 TB HDD in his pc that he did not use so he let me have it. So, i used a usb to sata cable and downloaded windows 10 pro onto it and took all my old files off the bad HDD and stored them on a backup external drive. I upgraded my RAM from 4/ 2GB DDR3 ram to 4 Hyperx 4GB DDR3 ram. I installed the new HDD, powered up and........NOTHING! No power to monitor, mouse or keyboard. All fans are running and power light on motherboard is lit but no post beep or bios boot. Replaced CMOS battery and reset CMOS. Next step is to replace PSU and pray motherboard is not fried.
I welcome any suggestions anyone has to help me out.

3 replies

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Hi @Kiaju67, how did your first IT project go? Were you able to solve the problem?
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It went well thank you, not the outcome that i was hoping for however. The motherboard was fried. The old board was outdated with a slow processor so instead of replacing it i found a new used pc with an Intel i7, 1tb hdd. I brought back my psu ( it had a 15 day return policy), and i will put my new RAM in the new pc and that should suit me fine for programming for now.
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@Kiaju67 Glad to hear you figured out a solution. Well done. 🙂