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What Health Tip Can You Give Us that Helped You?

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Welcome to this new, exciting subject area which, as I learned, is a very popular and growing subject area with many courses .
All of us want to be as healthy as we can. Some people eat a special diet, exercise, meditate and find doff ways to help themselves feel good.
What do you do to stay healthy? Let’s share some of these tips to make ourselves evern healthier in both body, mind and spirit!

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The more I learn, the more I am becoming convinced that exercise is a huge key to remaining healthy. These days, many people around the world have access to sufficient food (and in many countries, easy access to too much food). We also have many labour-saving devices and automated transport. Humans evolved for constant activity while foraging for food. Now we may spend hours each day sitting in offices, then come home by car, bus or train and sit again in front of a television.

I have completed several courses in the health field. One useful course is Sit Less, Get Active which is full of ideas to incorporate more activity into our daily lives. I've always been less than enthusiastic about the idea of "exercise" so finding ways to move more was helpful.

When I am doing an online course, if I'm not taking notes, I'll often stand up and march or even jog gently on the spot. Sometimes a few simple dance steps while watching the videos & wearing a headset. Better than constantly sitting, anyway!
@Pat B I agree with you that excercise is important. We need to think of ways it doesn’t feel like exercise but more like a lifestyle in order to include this in our lives.
I visited New York City recently and was impressed by how everyone walked quickly everywhere. Taking public transportation, the subways, meant climbing down long flights of steps, then up steep steps, then walking to find the trains, etc. On the streets, people walked many blocks. People didn’t just slowly walk, they rushed about. You had to walk fast to keep up. Street crossings were even faster paced.
I couldn’t help but to compare this to suburban life, driving the car to stores, parking as close as possible.No one walked anywhere except in the parking lot.
We need to think about our lifestyles and try to incorporate more walking into them. Every night, after dinner, I go for a long walk with my dog. Having a dog makes it easy to exercise!
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One health tip that I have is to make sure that you get enough sleep each night. Many people I know forget about the importance of sleep. They change eat healthy diets and exercise, but get to bed late. Then they're tired and find it hard to cope with life. I, personally, get about 8-9 hours of sleep each night. I find that this amount leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning and having a positive outlook on life. When I don't get enough sleep, I feel tired, and my whole day can be ruined due to feelings of exhaustion, headaches, depression, etc. Even though it may seem cool to stay up late, I feel like I'm wasting my time if I'm spending days feeling tired. Does anyone else agree/disagree?
@Lillian , you are very wise! Getting a good night’s sleep is so important. It’s not always easy to do. You have to plan to do this and stick to it. I love the quiet of the late night, when everyone is fast asleep, but sadly, I realize I need to stop what I am doing to go to sleep sometimes. It wastes the whole next day for you if you are tired.
I don’t do this, but many people tell me that taking a 10 minute nap every day is refreshing.
Anyone ever try this?
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That's interesting, @Judith. I've never tried taking a 10 minute nap every day. I'm afraid that it will end up being longer than 10 minutes! 😆 I find it a lot harder to sleep as well in summer, though, due to the heat. Does anyone else find this?
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I don't know if 10 minutes naps can be enough for me either @Lillian & @Judith ! It would certainly extend to some hours... 🙂 That's an area I need to pay attention for sure...

So many nice advise already! As I am going through flu at the moment, I am reminded by everyone around me that boiling chicken and drinking its juice in addition to eating raw garlic are among the best advice against flu! Of course, we mustn't forget grapefruits, lemons and other vitamin C and zinc supplements...

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are highly recommended against cancer: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/diet/cruciferous-vegetables-fact-sheet .

In addition, avoiding fried and baked starchy vegetables due to acrylamide formation is highly recommended against cancer: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/acrylamide.html . The suggested way to eat them is by boiling them as lightly as possible.

Any other advice?
Wondering if it's good or bad to eat sprouted garlic. Had kept some peeled garlic in a bottle in the fridge. Little green shoots have emerged from each. Any idea?
@A. Krishna , I have often eaten it. I think of them like scallions, just chop them up. They aren’t as pungent tasting as the garlic, but why throw away good food? Sprouted garlic in general isn’t as sharp , the taste mellows.

Speaking of garlic, it has so many health properties. People will eat raw garlic to prevent a cold, or even to help with stomach issues. I have cut a clove up into tiny pieces to eat, but I am not sure if it helped me, 😀.
Anyone know of these properties of garlic?
Thanks for your helpful response, @Judith! 🙂
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A Daoist master I greatly respect and admire advised his students that if they were feeling out of sorts (grumpy, tired, low energy, etc.) to ask themselves, How is my sleeping, eating and practice (meaning a regular routine of meditation and physical exercise, in this case chi kung), as at least one of those is bound to be off in some way. I've definitely found that to be true for myself. It's the keeping of a routine that's so challenging!!
We often seem to pay attention to everyone else and forget about ourselves, @Kai Dailey . Those are wise words. Whenever my usually sunny dispositioned grandson would become grumpy it was usually because he was either hungry or tired. Adults are the same!
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I gave up smoking, I rarely drink alcohol, eat more and more fruits and vegetables, like walking in the nature, sleep about 8 hours a night, try to exercise three times a week. One of our great plan is to move out of the city, because of the air and nois pollution. I sought for a job that is not so stressful that the earlier one, and luckily I found it. 🙂 And in general my aim is the golden mean.
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Lifelong learning is also important, among other benefits it helps us to preserve our brain activity.
Excellent thoughts, @Viktoria . I might add that as part of learning, we should engage in many discussions with many different kinds of people. We can grow and learn so much from others!
You seem like you have such a wonderful future ahead of you, having made all of these healthy adjustments. Best of success to you! 😀
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The single most important thing I have found that benefits the health of my clients is to change their diet from processed foods to nutrient dense foods. It's impressive what a big change that can bring in about a months time to most people's health.
A good second is moving more, most people do not move enough and it doesn't have to be very complicated either. Most things can be fit into a normal day.
After that comes stress reduction, mindfulness and things like that which help with sleep and such.
Health is fascinating I find.