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Transsexual and Transgender: What are the Differences and the Relation between of these concepts?

  • 6 February 2019
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For many, It takes time to realize what's what each one of the concept and assume these, in order to improve the way to grow-up in the inclusiveness to people involved at this situation.
Reason why we need to make a leadership with our knowledge and culture obtained at this course, in front of many people that not idea has about this.
In my opinion one of the ways to do it, is to understand deeply the definitions agreed and establish where and how produce relations between these, preferably between the concepts of those words that carry to make good or bad the things, whatever the intentions are.

Somebody told one time: "... better is a person who intentionally makes something bad, than someone that wanna do something good, but unintentionally do something bad...not knowing it..." This, improves with the understanding, naturally.
(I apologize in the case my words appear stronger than a simple detractor, but these are only to search the best to include the Transgender segment, normally.)

But, we have an opportunity, when we define shortly, both concepts:

Transsexual: The concept defines a person, (whatever his genital physical characteristics that has from his birth), feels to be attracted by the opposite sex. It is related with the Sexual Orientation.

Transgender: We need to define first, the prefixes "Trans", "Cis", (although appear a discriminatory way to call them all, but this is a world agreement, serving to understand these concepts):
Trans: Is a prefix used to tell not corresponds to, or not agreed with. Else,
Cis: Is a prefix used to tell corresponds to or agreed with.
Gender is a characteristic of identity gave at the birth, whose base is in the physical sexual appearance (genital).

Of course, we can tell: Cisgender, to a person who corresponds to or agreed with the gender assigned, accords the genital carried from the birth, that is binary : Male or Female. The person is also feels agreed about this assignment.

The other case, Transgender, is a person who not corresponds to, or not agreed with the gender identity assigned by the genital that has from the birth, being this a feeling, proper of these persons that are not binaries (Can be Female, Male, Transgender, Intergender, Gender-fluid or other forms that not right are explained). Sexual orientation of them, is sometimes defined after these Gender Identity.

Finally, is possible to compare Transgender with Transsexual, understanding that the Transgender is
who you are and want to be, and the Transsexual (as lesbian, gay, bisexual o heterosexual) describes who attracts you and with whom you want to have a romantic, emotional and sexual relationship.

Anyway, basic is to be proud, whatever the Gender or Sexual Orientation, with the inclusiveness, that gives the same right for all, as normal persons; not be ashamed, not be scared: Out of the Darkness!

I invite you to discuss, with all the reciprocal respect about this, asking some questions to be answered, if you participate:

What's on the Woman's mind? What's on the Man's mind? How do you feel when you dress something not related of your sexual orientation? What's going on with the children in these cases?
Is only USA, the place where we talk about? Have you an Experience related on this subject?

Thanks for your answers!

Best Regards!

CCL, Mentor

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