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To be Transgender: Is a Sickness?

  • 7 February 2019
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Hi All Learners, fellow mentors!

I want to ask this here, because either, the people without knowledge and many whom are talking and opining at this subject, manage not the concepts and also, are not convinced of those.
Probably several know that, but who can explain, if the situation(*) related on the Gender Identity, would be an Illness? (* I call not a "Problem"...)

Would be possible to tell, If you want to answer, what could be the Impact in both cases?
Advantages and Disadvantages, would be excellent!, whatever the person, the Family and the Health System (when the person is with Heath insurance, and when not).

Is important to tell the country, where this can occur (in your point of view), because all the situations in the world have unique rules, support, benefits, etc.

Thanks and Best Regards!
CCL, Mentor.

1 reply

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I apologize about a wrong word that above, that I have written. Tells "HEATH insurance". It should tell "Health insurance".

I hope you comprehend.