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Re enrolling into a course

  • 11 June 2020
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Hello learned mates,

I need a little help from you. I applied for "Commonwealth of Learning-Coursera-BfW Workforce Recovery Program" at 31st May'20. (It's a scholarship at this time of Pandemic,may be already many of you know about it) & I've enrolled into "COVID-19 contact tracing course " at the same day. But I got an official invitation from Commonwealth of Learning-Coursera-BfW Workforce Recovery Program at 2nd June'20. 

I missed the deadline of 1 week to complete my assignment of "COVID-19 contact tracing course". Though it tells I can still complete the course, I want to reenroll.

But I'm confused about it. If I unenroll, will there be scope of reenrolling into that course or not! 

Is it a silly query ? I'm new at coursera. 🙄  

4 replies

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From what i could understand is that you missed the deadline to complete your assignment.

If that is the case u really dont need to unenroll and re-enroll again. U can simply reset your deadlines and can go ahead with your course.

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I have done this Covid-19 contact tracing course by Johns Hopkins University. I am certified in it. I also got a deadline warning, but there is no need to worry at all. All you need is to reset the deadline. You can access the course any time. Don't worry. 

If you have any question regarding this, you can contact by messaging me. Best of luck for your course. Thanks. 🙂

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I think i am facing a similar problem here.


I recently received a sponsorship from Commonwealth Learning of Canada.I have knowledge that My payments for Courses can be covered using that sponsorship.

These are the images related.


commonw2.jpgBut I can't Find Deeplearning course under that scholarship.But i want the Deeplearning course under the sponsorship.How do i  do it without losing my works in assignments and quizzes.


I also tried searching the course under this sponsorship.Then i found something like this.

comnw deep.jpg


I cant add this course because i have already enrolled before the sponsorship.


So,i have to re-enroll.That means cancelling current subscription and re-enrolling under commonwealth sponsorship.


I have some problems regarding enrolling:

  • Do you lose my current work,assignments?
  • If so,how can save the work?
  • Are there ways in Coursera to inform the help center about it?
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Simple to un-enroll then re-enroll if you want another course