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Medical Researcher Courses

  • 11 June 2021
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Hi, everybody.

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am a physician from Bangladesh. I want to learn & do medical research independently. As there is lots of data science & stats courses, I am lost. Can anyone please suggest me the essential courses for medical research.

3 replies

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Hi, depending on your level and ambitions, you may for example:

  • go the Coursera Home page and look for “Career Paths” which has some hints
  • search this very forum -- many people asked this question, may see how were answered

As for me, excuse me I didn’t get -- want to do Medical or Data ? :P

You may want for example, enter the AI Medical field -- how AI is managing clinical data (→ search the web “Amazon Datalake ## HEALTHLAKE”).    

If I have to suggest a course, anyway, you may not fit it, but I like this Specialization:

Best wishes

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Hi @Dr_Md_SU

If you go to My Coursera (that is, the Coursera Home Page) and hover your mouse over the option Explore are the top, you will find the category Health. It will show another list. From there you may choose your topic of interest and it will show you the courses available.

Happy learning!

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You may like to check out this and future events

get in touch with those already doing medical research and ask them for ideas and mentorship.  This may help you make your plan to become one with the critical courses.

Have fun!