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Kefir microbiota

  • 19 October 2019
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It’s almost 20 years that I cultivate kefir milk, I'm very happy with it but now I would like to identify which microbes live in my kefir, how could I improve their alpha diversity and if is it possible to select a population of kefir microbes that fits my gut microbiota.

I know that after so many years of kefir daily assumption, my gut microbiota knows perfectly and tolerate my milk kefir, but I think it could be better.

I know also there are a lot of people cultivating kefir: no one of such kefir cultures is equal to the others, they somewhat differ, in this difference, there is much to know ... this I would like to investigate but I have no means (and little money to give).

If someone is interested let me know.

4 replies

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Hi wow, that is great. I just created an all-natural formula to help prevent Parkinson's. Where are you from?

And I could do a little research for you. I have a talk show. Call better health for women and men. I will send you  a link. and might interview you this is great.My show Here is my link  Better wealth for women and Men I hope I did this right lol 

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I’m from Italy, I could describe myself as a biohacker, as I experiment on myself everything I know could improve my health, only with “all-natural” stuff: food, probiotics, yoga, cold showers.

Thanks, I'll take a look at your show.



Look for 16S amplicon sequencing, not sure if these are offered commercially.


Have u explored coconut milk kefir?:)))