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IONIZATION AND THE HEALtH (Part 1 of 2: The Winds)

  • 20 February 2019
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Air is made up of atoms each of which has a nucleus or center of protons - particles of positive charge - around which electrons - negatively charged particles - revolve.
Well, Nature, in its constant search for balance, tries to have the same number of protons and electrons to cancel each other out and create a stable environment.
It is what is called "fundamental state of the atom". However, the electrons are light and move very easily causing a break in equilibrium and then creating a "vagabond" molecule or ion that can have a positive or negative charge. That is, when a neutral atom loses electrons - negatively charged particles are positively charged and become a positive ion.
If what happens is that the neutral atom captures electrons it acquires a greater negative charge and, therefore, it becomes a negative ion.

Thus, air always has a certain concentration of ions, a very small electrostatic charge but tremendously important in the living beings. In this case, different experiments carried out on plants and animals subjected to atmospheres without static electricity showed that the plants did not develop and some animals died after a certain time.
Well, the balance of the electrical charge of the air can be lost either due to natural atmospheric phenomena, or due to the effects of the use of electrical appliances in our home or workplace. In such a way that the proximity of a gale or a storm, the stale air of the cities, the air conditioners, the heaters, the dust, the synthetic textiles, the electrical appliances, etc., destroy the negative ions and make proliferate the positive ions, which cause that the atmosphere is suffocating in many houses and offices.
In contrast, the presence of negative ions in the air clears the mind, lifts the mood and produces a sense of relief and well-being both physical and psychological. But how is that negative charge acquired? Well, sometimes due to solar and stellar radiation, the influence of lightning, sea waves, water currents ... It has been found that the fresh air of mountains and coasts contains many negative ions and that their beneficial effects They can be observed when, for example, we spend a day in the field.


There are winds, such as the Föhn of the Alps in Austria, Switzerland and Germany; Santa Ana of Southern California and the Chinook in the Rocky Mountains, both in USA; the Sirocco of northern Italy; the Mistral in the Costa Azul; Puelche or Raco in Chile; Zonda in Argentina, and many others in different areas of the planet.

These are some dry and warm winds that come from mountain ranges, containing a high concentration of ions with positive electric charge and which affect the health and behavior of living beings (in empirical terms).
These phenomena make influencing to the circulatory and endocrinology systems, and generally tend to increase stress, irritability, headaches, etc., a significant increase in aggressiveness, violence, crime, psychopathy and suicides too.
Also, the surgical interventions, training sessions, sports and physical activities are postponed, while exists this influence.
It is known that exist individuals, whom perceive this influence more intensely than others, whose factors are the age increase among others, and either the genetic and the physical conditions.

It is necessary to mention that the casuistry that has been measured since a long time ago by outstanding researchers, determine that these phenomena of the electrostatic charge in the air, is influential and determinant in the survival of the living beings, included insects and plant (related to the ionic balance presents in the air to breath).
This activity as part of the bio electrical functioning of the cells, (which is practically insignificant in electrical quantitative terms), is determinant in their balance at the level of the cell membrane potential.
See: Krebs Cycle

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CCL, mentor

NOTE: These contents, include some terms and citations existing in many public sites, privates and NPO's and are named or used, expressed or are implicit here, with the target to explain the phenomena occur, and whose solution the author will propose as an idea at the end.
The contents used here, are not subjected to copyrights and are created by this mentor.

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