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  • 1 August 2020
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Hi, my name is Devin. I have an M.D. and B.S. in psychology, and I am joining the health and life sciences community to continue learning about the ever-expanding field. I head up a consultancy specializing in helping individuals and organizations harness proven scientific principles to dramatically enhance performance. For example, I help companies rapidly translate new scientific technologies into commercialized products, build robust technical communication frameworks so scientific teams and business leaders are aligned on goals, and create environments conducive to innovation thinking.


I am excited to join the community and looking forward to learning a ton!

2 replies

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Hey Devin, very interesting to see someone with a medical degree choose a non-clinical career. I’m also finishing up medical school and have a strong statistical/data science background so have been thinking about going to healthcare tech / research. What made you decide on doing consulting?

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Hi Aayush,

Having a data science background is a huge benefit no matter what you decide to do in healthcare. I wish I had more knowledge in that space. The process of getting all the materials ready to apply for residency made me realize that only practicing and research in an academic/clinical environment was not broad enough for me. Translational research is my passion and the academic definition of that is too narrow - usually limited to situations where researchers perform studies in animals AND patients and call it TR. I enjoy the 10,000 foot view of science and technology innovation, something that is best achieved in the private sector or in academic-private partnerships. As for the consulting, I like learning about and helping clients solve defined problems, and when that task is done move on to a new field. It keeps me engaged and on the bleeding edge of what is happening in healthcare/biotech.


Sorry for the long answer.