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Introduce yourself to the health and life sciences community!

  • 26 September 2020
  • 6 replies

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Hi everyone ,My name is omar from Egypt . I’m a recent graduate from pharmacy faculty in 2020.

now , I’m so proud to say that I became  pharmacist. I love health sciences . I am taking courses in data analysis and nutrition .

                                     I am so excited to learning and be an active member in this community.

6 replies

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Welcome Omar

Congrats on your accomplishment.


My name is Mwangala Wamuwi have Completed some courses on Covid19 through this platform. 


Hi everyone, I am Saulat and I am from Pakistan. I have a keen interest in public health. Recently I have completed my course on Global Disease Distribution.

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Hello everyone, my name is Audrey Luke -Morris and I am from Barbados. I am  taking the course Diabetes The Essential Facts



Hi every one my name is Assegid Geleta just enrolled to Patient Safety and Quality Improvement course. I am a Family Physician In Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). Assistant Professor of Family Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine. The course is very relevant and untouched area. It is just began in our country with one international organization on very few private hospitals.

currently I got a problem of loading the assignment of my quiz (week 1 assignment) I am using my personal  HP. laptop. I tried toto get help through help center it is directing me to download browser for android. I s it not possible to load or submit from laptop? Would you please help me clear this issue how to submit my assignment; so that able to continue the course.

Assegid Geleta Tucho


Hello Health and Life Sciences community!!!!!!!!!!! Myself Karan Singh Negi. I am a Biotech graduate and currently I am in my final year of post graduate in Microbiology. Currently, I finished a course on bacterial genome sequencing on Coursera which helped me to get better knowledge about the use of tools which are being used in the area of bacterial sequencing. Would love to get more knowledge in the field of health and allied sciences as well.