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In brain, how thoughts will convert into feelings?

  • 6 February 2019
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Friends, While in the journey of my research I have got doubt that, how thoughts will convert into feelings. Could you please suggest any readings and explanation if any one in the community.

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3 replies

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Hi @Madhu Oruganti. This sounds like an interesting area of research. Could you tell us a bit more about your research? If you can provide examples or more details, you may get more responses from community members!
Hi @Madhu Oruganti,

Friends, While in the journey of my research I have got doubt that, how thoughts will convert into feelings.

What an interesting topic! I think it really depends on the nature of your research question(s). Have you already formulated your research question(s)? You need to select a framework that matches your research goals. You can go through the literature review of the studies that have already addressed this topic. I'd suggest that you use these useful websites to find relevant papers, books, and research projects. For example, open Google Scholar and type in your research questions or the variables.
I hope this helps.
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Hi Mahdu!

I have the same opinion as the other comments that you have received. Is fascinating subject!

Referring me about, I can tell you that many have been studied this matter. The Human Story related of the relation Thought and Emotions, are a mystery until now, whatever the definition and the answers exist.
Many disciplines have focused to study this area, where appeared several theories. I. E., Psychology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Physiology, Pedagogy, etc.

Also, you can recognize several prominent persons did study these concepts and their relations, in order to define and explain them. I.E.: Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, Freud, etc.

Then, you can find many texts, papers, conferences, etc.

Personally, I think that you could define the area, where your research is developing, then we can help you properly on what you need:

Health?, Education? Neuroscience? Etc.

Certainly, the Thoughts and the Emotions, are located as a process, between the Neo-cortex and the Cephalic stem in a zone called Amygdala, surrounded by several other components of the brain.
The aforementioned process, alludes to the Stimulation - Response function. (It is so large, to explain here and to mention all the systems surrounding!).

This material you can find, searching in Neuroscience subject.

A link that you can visit to learn more about, (a non-medicine student) is :

This could help you.

I hope you try! If you do, please tell me your opinion, I'm interested so much. Thanks!

Best Regards!

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