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HW assignment get to know classmates: Intro Human Physiology offered by Duke University

  • 2 November 2019
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This is my attempt to be social on an AI forum which I most dislike.  I use online courses because of the availability but I so dislike these types of forums and way to study.  I’m such a people person, I like the face to face personal contact but this is the modern world so I will oblige as appropriate.

5 replies

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When I joined Coursera I didn’t expect any kind of social interaction, so I was surprised by the activity in the forums in 2012. These days, the class forums are quieter, but I hope you can find some friends here in the Coursera Community.

My online learning journey has led me to “meeting” people from many countries and feeling more connected than I ever thought possible.

Keep browsing and commenting in the threads, @Nimia. You may find some interesting threads in the Networking & Social Discussion sub-forum.

Is this thread in response to a homework assignment in Intro Human Physiology offered by Duke University? I have started that course twice and not yet finished. It’s on my To Do list, but keeps getting pushed down by other projects that I think will take less time than I need to properly learn physiology. Maybe one day, I’ll manage to pass the course!


I have always regarded physiology as a pivot to the effective practice of the clinical sciences. The inherent concepts guide the practitioner to seek out and to ask the right questions. This has always been my focus over the years and the satisfactory results yielded have changed my approach to clinical practice. I no longer ask  “what is it?”, I now ask “how/why?”. I now emphasize more on mechanisms rather than trying to label a disease. Treatment protocols are more objective as there is also an allowance for precision forecasting and prevention. Pathophysiology is now my emphasis and consultation diagnostic tool. I would really like to share my experiences on the very cost effective approach to the practice of clinical medicine. Thanks.

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Hi Nimia! :grin:

I am taking the same class and expected absolutely no social interaction which makes this quite surprising. I used to be a social introvert, but life has been extremely challenging the last few years with significant death and lose, so learning in isolation with little to no interaction was appealing. Here I am, being social online, per the course recommendations. It is nice to meet you!



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Hi RebeccaR, so sorry for your loss.  Thanks for reaching out.  The class is good but since I’m a place where we have no regular internet connections, I have a remote connection apparatus, don’t ask me what as I am clueless when it comes to the names of machines, it takes a little longer to go through the lesson than what I’d like. 

Nice meeting you too!


Hi Nimia! 
I was never used to speak in a foreign language or even speak in public (even though this is “only” an online forum) so I get where you are coming from. This is my first course in Coursera and I honestly hope we can get the best out of it.

I’m rooting for you/your development. Nice to meet you!