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How to live in my last quarter of my life?

  • 3 October 2020
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My name is In-Ho Keum, living in Seoul, Korea and my last quarter of my life. I am a retiree after working for more than 40 years mostly in the public sector; international organization and central government as an urban development specialist and/or a water and sanitary engineer. With this background, I like to re-purpose my life. I have now more physical and financial time than before. Is there anyone to provide a piece of advice? In return, I like to share my experience in your interested areas if you like. From the foregoing, you may noticed, I like the course, Finding purpose and meaning in life.

7 replies


Hi, my name is Alison Ng from Singapore. Welcome to the Community! I like to pick up some Korean language or rather reading some documents in Korean relating to a potential project coming up. Not sure of the details yet but relate to shipping.Any help and advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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@In-Ho Keum   welcome to the forum.  Thanks for sharing your thumbnail sketch of your career.  Since your profession covered both government and private sector on urban development, I am curious about how important is Sustainability an issue in Korea in general, and in the infrastructure of water and sanitation in particular?

You also mentioned your desire to re-purpose your life.  After taking the course, what specifically would you like to explore?  There are plenty on this forum, I am sure, have done the same, and be willing to share their experience.  I hope that your topic will start an interesting thread of sharing purposeful life after retirement!

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hi you may study some Korean. also, you may pick up your old toys. also, don’t fix a deadline. bye

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Thanks for the quick advice. I worked for the Central government of Korea from 1975 for about 15 years and then moved to an international organization in Manila. And there I worked for 20 years in the said sector. Therefore I am not quite familiar with the sustainability issue in Korea. 

For the purposeful life after retirement, I am interested in the forums I can assess. Any further advice?

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@In-Ho Keum   with your experience in Manila, you are more than familiar with the Philippine culture.  It seems that you have adjusted well to the weather as well.

Anyway, for your interest in the forums, there are plenty around in the digital world.  Just on Couresra platform, in this community there are several forums that you can explore to your hearts content, and of course on the course that you have taken Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, there is discussion forum with each passing week.  Did you find anything interesting there?

Did you have any revelation after taking that course?  If you have, that may help you narrow your scope of exploration of forums.

On the other hand, if you are casting a wider net, how about start with this   and see if there is anything that resonates with what you have in mind.  

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Thanks for this. Let me explore the forums you mentioned above. Very useful.

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You want to move from Urban Development specialist to Health sector, then, you can see if you can join in Hospital Administration or also can invest in Hospital startups.