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Hi everyone

  • 18 July 2020
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I’m new in this community related with health and life sciences. I’m from Monterrey, México and I’m university teacher here and I have my own bussines too. I’m engineer but i like to learn things. Here in Coursera I finished a course from the University of Edinburgh: “Introduction to Philosophy” and I study another 5 courses: Neuroscience, Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics, Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Bioinformatics I and Anatomy.

I’m a teacher in U-ERRE in areas of IT and electrical and mechanical engineer and my business is related to creation of mobil and computer applications, engineering design and contruct plastic models in 3D printers.

6 replies

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@Litosfero   nice to meet you.  Thanks for sharing about the courses that you have taken.  That is quite a concentration in Life Sciences.  Is there anything that you want to do with what you have learned?

On the Health side, since you are professionally into technology, I am wondering if you have opinion about my post related to COVID-19   

 I would love to have your thoughts there.

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Hi @ele81946 

Nice to meet you too.

The tracing of pandemic contact is important for researchers and goverments for take decisions. But, sometimes the applications are used to another things not related with the original idea. Besides, not all the people have the application, so, the information is not complete or real. This application it’s a tool, just a tool, I think. And use to obtain relevant information about the propagation of a pandemic affection, not only COVID-19. This is my thought about the Contact Tracing App. It’s a good tool for the appropiated researcher or healt organization or goverment, but the people that will read the information, needs to know how use the data generated.

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@Litosfero   Thanks for your opinion.  If you countries Department of Health (DPH) has the Contact Tracing App, would you use it?

From the Contact Tracing Course that I have taken, it is up to the DPH to have such an App that can leverage the technological platform that Apple and Google made available in May 2020.  It will be the respective DPH’s App that would turn the platform on such that devices within the safe distancing will have the handshake and data noted that the devices were in proximity of each other.

If and when a user of the device reports being tested to be positive, the data in the device would then be shared with DPH which will in turn alert the owners of other devices registered to be within safe distance of the confirmed COVID-19 person in the last 14 days, to take a test for their own health safety.

So, the questions are 1. do you trust your country’s DPH, and 2. what other worries are there that people don’t use the App for their own safety as well as to help the respective country to keep their public safe?

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@ele81946 I don’t use it.

I don’t know if my Health Agency use it. Maybe yes, because every day, the secretary of Health Dep, inform about the propagation of Covid on all the states.

But, I live in México, so, don’t trust in authotities is inheritance; don’t trust in people too, virtual or real.

We have a health problem here, but, the goverment opens the commerce and industry, because, we have a bigger problem than covid: ecomonic. Some statistics tell us that we have 12 millions of people without job, and this could convert in a social problem of big dimmensions: criminal, drugs, cartels, etc. And goverment do’t have the capacity of aid people in economics problem. Our economics indicators predicts about -10 or lesser percent of economic growing, So…

It’s a hard question for all the goverments: health or economics (social) problems. My opinion, we need to learn to live together with the virus and try to be a better healty person.

One of our problem that increase the effect of covid: we are the second place in obesity in the world (adults); first in obesity in children, and one of the contries with more people with diabetes, and hearth and lungs problems.

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@Litosfero   good points!   Yes, there are very few governments that their citizens have full trust when there are so much politicizing and fake news.  No amount of technology can help.

I like your opinion, especially the part “we need to learn to live together with the virus and try to be a better healthy person.”   

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.  

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@ele81946 thanks for the time that you spend reading my opinions.

When I write: “We need to learn to live together with the virus”, I just try to explain that virus can´t kill with external agents, like we do with bacteria. So, the only way that a virus can kill is by our immune system, and a vaccine give to the T-cells the information about the proteins that use the virus and how to kill them.

The better way to try to combat a virus is with a good and healty immune system. I know that exist factors that affect our body: envirment and genetic factors. For genetic factors, we can do nothing for change, but for environment factors, maybe we can do more.

In my diary life, I try to put some distance between me and other people; use mouth cover (this is a protection for the others, not for me), avoid crowds, etc.

One problem in México, and I think that occurs the same in other contries, we like to joint with know and unknow people and talk, and I think that this is could be a factor to spread widely the virus.

For me, up to now, the distance between me and others give me a good result. Something similar to this pandemic problem occurs in México in 2009, produced by the virus N1H1 (swine flu), and use the same method: avoid crowds and maintaine distance.