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Hello everyone.

  • 18 May 2020
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It has been a long time. Well I am in class taken up some more medical education lol  But today something crazy happen to me.

One of the classes I am taking up it is a killer. lol. I mean it is deep. Well like I said something crazy happen.


My teacher spirit came to me and said hang on in there. You need this class.  And first I thought I am tried  or either my medication was making me crazy lol. 

But she was right. I have seen so many youtube and so many write ups in the medical field and some of the information is not right at all. And right now I am doing my show . ANd I want to be so correct when it comes down to people health. 

I try to get as much information that I can just to make sure that it is correct.  i am very grateful to be apart of Coursera it has changed my life. I feel better about myself. I was battling depression.  Real bad. But so far I have been doing real good.  

You guys be safe. As we are opening back up please be safe because if the second wave comes through. According to CDC that is going to hit harder.  So be safe 

1 reply

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Thank you, I am taking some other courses myself, at the moment my learning becoming a little more challenging, be. We got to press on. Thank you.