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health in modern day

  • 15 June 2019
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hey friends
i am back with a new question .
i wanna know how we can be fit in a modern day hectick lifestyle.
daily consumption of fast food and other beverages .
i would love to know your ideas and thoughts.

7 replies

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Hey @swaraj. Glad you're back with a new question!

I believe that health is a basic human right yet in so many places people do not have this right – health remains a privilege. So, I have to begin with the acknowledgment that not everyone has access to healthy food. Sometimes fast food is the only option because it's affordable and because it's close by. Lack of access to healthy food, or living in a food desert, is a big problem in the US.

On the other hand, there are people who have access to healthy food and choose not to eat it. If you're very busy, it's easier to get fast food than to prepare a healthy meal. I guess that's why there are so many meal-prep delivery services (at least in the US) now – they're trying to help busy people (who have money) to eat healthier without having to spend a huge amount of time cooking.

As for me, I like to cook. But I usually feel tired at the end of my work day and don't want to spend an hour or two in the kitchen making a meal. One thing that has worked for me is to make one or two meals on the weekend that I can eat during the week. I also try to walk whenever possible so I get exercise naturally (and don't contribute more air pollution).

What are your best tips for staying healthy and fit?
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hey Laura i think health is made of physical mental and social well being .
for me eating and doing physical activity and have a proper state of well being brings health .
doing mental training is also equally important . i always do yoga and exercise.
Coursera has some great courses on exercise and health , feel free to explore those.
more ideas are invited .
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Hi.of course due to our modern busy life and long day work , getting healthy food and life is so difficult so as possible we can prepare in our free day of the week some healthy meals that we can use the rest of the week to avoid harmful food and overcome difficulty in our busy schedule. Also we should doing any exercise even half an hour to avoid inflexibility ,this is possible to be done .
  • Learning how to handle stress is important. Although a certain amount of stress could be a normal reaction to a nerve-racking situation, too much stress could lead to health problems.🤕
  • A healthy lifestyle certainly needs a healthy diet. Make various types of salads. Don’t forget to consume extra virgin olive oil. 😋
I think World Health Organization has summarized it best in their "12 Tips to be Healthy" infographic:

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. Be physically active, every day, your way
  3. Get vaccinated
  4. Don't use any form of tobbaco
  5. Avoid or minimize use of alcohol
  6. Manage stress for your physical and mental health
  7. Practice good hygiene
  8. Don't speed, or drink and drive
  9. Wear a seat belt when driving and helmet when cycling
  10. Practice safe sex
  11. Regularly check your health
  12. Breast feeding: best for babies
How exactly each individual implements some of the more generic tips (such as 1, 2, 6 or 11) will vary according to individual, mental, cultural and socioeconomic factors. But if you follow these tips you are sure to be a lot healthier than if you don't. A lot of other good resources in WHO's Health Promotion website.
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The problem with the WHO guidelines is that question for most of us is in how we overcome the factors that constrain us . When you face difficult situations, it becomes a questions of trade-offs. I used to live in the USA, and some of this would have been impossible for some people there. Regularly check your health- well maybe , but you might not be able to afford to do anything if you find something wrong...Eat a healthy diet- unless you have no money in your bank account, then just avoid rotting food. and hope the food pantry has something edible... There are a few things I think everyone not homeless can accomplish though. If you find yourself getting larger and/or weighing more and more, change every beverege for water, or an occasional low-fat milk. The sugary drinks and sodas are not only empty calories, you don't feel full afterwards. There is still a scientific debate about artificial sweeteners, but they probably are not that great either.
I personally feel it's all about priorities.
And we'll be able to add things to our priority list once we really get to know how important they are.
When it comes to diet, it's not just about eating, looking for nutrients, taste etc. We must enjoy the ART of cooking. recently I have done a course offered by Stanford,Dr.Maya beautifully mentions and shows how we could make healthy foods.
So it's better if we could take out some time from our busy schedules because what we eat is what we are and will be!