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Health Behavior Change: Self-Care During COVID-19

  • 8 May 2020
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Health Behavior Change: Self-Care During COVID-19
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In this Q&A event, Yale professor Dr. Marney White shared how making small changes in behavior can effectively reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Dr. White’s self-care course is on Coursera: Health Behavior Change.

Dr. White answered a number of your questions on the critical role of self-care during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the recording to get tips drawn from clinical and health psychology to help you make improvements in your physical and mental health, including:

- How to create new health habits
- How to select and engage in mental wellness behaviors
- Stress reduction techniques



2 replies

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My biggest takeaway from this event was that I could – and should – focus on making a small change or setting a small goal. 

That’s what I really loved about Dr. White’s presentation and Q&A – she shares practical tips for making small changes that, over time, can make a really big difference. 

What small changes have you made in your life that have helped you? 

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Very informative video.

Social distancing, I believe, would be the new normal in the foreseeable future. So our physical and mental well being would depend to a great extent on how, globally, we adjust to these new normals. It would be helpful to all if we still keep doing things we love in this new scenario, ungrudgingly give up things we cannot, and find new ways to interact with our loved ones and new things to do. These would, with some time, become our new normal and we would be so much the same, if not better. This also gives us the opportunity to practice things we loved but didn't have time for, which would make us so much happier. And with happiness would come better physical and mental health.