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Health and Wellness Coach Certification with a Holistic Approach

  • 17 August 2019
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Hello! I am looking to get a Health and Wellness Coach Certification, can anyone recommend the best ones out there with a more Holistic approach? 🙂 Thanks!

2 replies

Hello, I attended IIN which is very expensive.

Check out these affordable great options:

Jon Spencer Ellis and his team are all about wellness and have great customer service unlike other schools.
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I did my training at the Health Coach Group ( I didn't find it particularly holistic as it was a bit biased, but we did get a lot of freedom in our discussion groups to discuss other options than just plant based for health recovery, so that was good. I did learn a lot from it in terms of coaching as I had not learned about that yet when I did my training.
They used the system that CTI uses for that and for the business parts they used the system of the E-myth. So those were really interesting.

I have found that in all I am still struggling getting my business off the ground, so a bit more on business would possibly have been good for me. But that is me personally, several in my discussion group did fine, though they were better schooled in running a business than me.
At the moment I am going through the Blog Marketing Academy materials to learn more about business.