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Health Across the Gender Spectrum

  • 28 June 2019
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Health Across the Gender Spectrum
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In honor of Pride month, the course of the week is Health Across the Gender Spectrum taught by Stanford.

@Claire and I are hoping that together we can help people find great courses through the community. Every week, we're featuring a course and inviting people who have taken the course to share their course highlights and how they're using what they learned.

Have you taken Health Across the Gender Spectrum?

What did you like about it?

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?

Who would benefit from taking this course?

What have you done with what you learned?

3 replies

I have taken this course because I loved all the previous courses by professor Maya. Gender Spectrum was also an unknown topic for me. I wanted to learn more about people who don’t feel right in the gender they were assigned at birth. I liked the personal stories of kids who were undergoing gender crisis identity. And how their parents, medical professionals, and other people around helped to identify the issue, and present the solution. This course made me aware that being transgender is normal. Everyone will benefit from taking this course. Because it is issue that is not well understood by so many people. I am happy to see that some institutions start to recognize transgender people. They provide “transgender” box when you have to fill the form for doctors’ office, etc., restrooms good for girls and boys, etc. So, I strongly recommend taking the course! There is lots to be done so transgender people feel safe and understood.
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Thank you for sharing about your experience with this course, @Oksana! I just enrolled in the course last week and I'm really loving the stories. I also love how you shared that "This course made me aware that being transgender is normal." Yes! I'm only in week 1 but I think I'll be recommending this course to everyone.
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I took this amazing course actually more because of the instructor she was amazing in stories of infection that i took all of her courses. I was sad that this amazing course doesn't offer a certificate to celebrate finishing it. It has a great and precise content and really aim at changing the presumed assumption that there is only a male or female. This false dichotomy is very misleading and actually gender is spectrum not a two option choice. Supporting this by science is amazing.
I recommend this course to everyone interested to update his knowledge about the gender.