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Greetings everyone,

  • 17 October 2020
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Hi, I have a deep interest in Psychology, but life wanted me to get lost among interests. I’m fascinated by the idea of helping people recover after disasters as part of emergency logistics.

Though, I have been studying my own dreams for many years, still I can discover more ways to interpret them. As I also studied oriental philosophy, I think that dreams are very similar to Taoism in that they suggest a naturalistic approach, “the good way” things should be done.

Trying to apply that to me, along with learning being regular at making houseworks, I concluded that there should be one only line from our mother to our job, since it deals on a continuous process of transformations that we should be granted to develop, from our toys to our original skills, which will be our contribution in the society 

  • I studied Pedagogy and I rather see a mechanical approach to learning, pony-tricks, very few people (like V. Ilich) point to Passion as our very guide. So we don’t really have to “learn to learn” since we already have this skill in us.