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  • 30 May 2020
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Good morning, my name is Sheron Smith, I am new to this community, and finished the Contact Tracing Course on yesterday!

3 replies

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Welcome to the community!  Sheron.  Congratulation in finishing the Contact Tracing course.

A few days ago, I posted a discussion about the Acceptability of Technology in Contact Tracing,

would you like to provide your opinion?   Thanks.

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My thoughts are, it sounds great, but yet complicated. Not everyone will download the App, and by chance they do, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will respond. Contact Tracing has to be able to gather accurate information, however these Apps have the potential of failing. Thus, even though Apple and Google are both great Technology Companies, through trial and error, their signals may not reach the correct population that it targets, they could possibly over reach, or not reach far enough out.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  It appears that this technology will take a much longer time for the public to adopt, and the respective Public Health agencies to accelerate their contact tracing response.