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Drug Addiction in our community.what happen when young people endulge themselves in to drug addiction

  • 2 November 2019
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iam raised in a community where drug addiction is common more shockingly,children are being introduced to alcohol .currently as we speak,young men and women have died something that has caused my self to be sorrowful.Youth are drunkards even meeting their needs is a problem.Kindly,i need an urgent solution to this problem because in future we will have no generation in our communities.

2 replies

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David,  sorry to hear the sad environment that you grew up.  It is good that you are aware of it and ask if there is anything that can be done.  There is and there isn’t.  Some would succeed and other would take time to succeed to break away from the instant gratification and the need to belong.

What I say may sound cryptic.  However, since you are in this community of learners, I think that you may like to explore and see if you will reach the same conclusion.  I think you will, and therefore I would like to suggest that you take either one or the two following courses. 

The first one entitled A life of Happiness and Fulfillment, and the other is The Science of Well Being.  Both course will help the learner understand the human needs and how human would digress and fall into the trapping of the state that you may have experienced and observed.  Since getting to the state of healthy state takes work which is hard for instant gratification seeker, hence while there are less successes than drop outs.  However, if one doesn’t try, one would not likely to break away from the cycle of addiction that would lead to other unhealthy behaviors harmful to well being.  

Lastly, the key to the community’s success is really proper parenting as they are their kids role models.  When you have a critical mass of parents who succeed in breaking away from the unhealthy habits, the community will have a healthy future.  Meanwhile, I will have your community in my daily prayer.


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