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does anyone know emotinal and psycholigical and mental abuse

  • 17 August 2019
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recently I understand one thing that most abuses happens in homes rather than others survey says that most things related to physical and any other form of abuse how can some keep himself save bot or girl or anyone

visitation of physical and emotional was the least thing of abuse mostly home it won't occur but psychological and mental and other form of abuses which can't even imagine such things will happens will occur mostly this cases won't to higher authorities because they themselves are big problem with relationships and they are not even care about these things like cops ,and in universities students are the biggest problem in universities these things occur people don't even consider its a crime .

tell me as a student how to keep myself save in universities in abroad as a international student

2 replies

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Hi @sukumar. Coursera offers this course through Johns Hopkins University, it sounds like exactly what you're looking for: International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Wellness.
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wow thank you .