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Definition: Gender Identity, a Cisgender Vision.

  • 4 February 2019
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It is said that the Gender Identity, is the perception of an individual about himself, with respect to his gender and that sometimes is related to his Sexual Orientation, but not always directly. Likewise, the Role of Gender is the manifestation within the scope of the individual, which adopts conducts based on laws, rights, etc.

In the United States of America, those individuals whose perception of themselves, does not go according to their sexual phenotype, are considered to suffer from a morbid situation, that is to say: Gender Dysphoria, which does not go from being a bad improvement to the previous term, namely: "Gender Identity Disorder". Despite this change in nomenclature, it is still considered a mental disorder in the United States. Why is it included in human diseases?

In the same way, there are biological foundations that determine that the main origin of this situation is attributed to a hormonal disorder. Please, go to :

Neither free from controversies, because it affects babies and is biased: "... males who are born as females with a large clitoris..."

The global approach of the commented, is not free of divergences. But, we have to consider that this situation, is it really a disease?

This is imprecise and biases each one's rights. However, if it were not contemplated as part of human morbidity and the individuals affected by these characteristics, they would not be covered by their respective health insurance, which would be an economic catastrophe for anyone affected.

Maybe, it could be described as a normal process of the human being, just as is pregnancy and that has the coverage of health, according to the initial and future health needs of the person involved?
What I argue here, is a part of the discussion that took place at an event held in Vienna, Austria, to which I was invited. These raised questions were not answered until now...

I am a mentor assigned in the course called "Health through the gender spectrum".
A cisgender person, but I can not go under the sand to hide my head that this is a Social Reality that involves us.

Best Regards

CCL, Mentor

"... I do not believe and I do not agree with your ideas and thoughts, but you have to be sure, that I will give my life, defending your opportunity to express them..." (op. Cit. Voltaire)

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I have only recently been approached to this topic and  far from answering to this complex question, I can only add more interrogations to it. First of all, there are many conditions on DSM V and CIE 11 related to mental illness when nowadays is broadly believed that they do not really fall into the category of illness. As an example, let me mention ASD (autistic spectrum disorders) or homosexuality. I suppose that depending on the degree of legal and social acceptance of diversity, they may be interpreted as illnesses rather than expressions of diversity. I am particularly concerned on individuals in the Autistc spectrum due to their sensory integration issues,  having a deep impact on their sexuality, the same way their perception of closeness in relationships, or their perception of themselves. From divergent thought, to very rigid mental frames, a challenge to the limits of diversity.