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Contact Tracing - what's your take on helpfulness on technology?

  • 24 May 2020
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I found this article from that expresses reservation about Apple - Google’s recent release on their contributions in Contact Tracing App.   It is interesting to gain addition perspective on the following:

  1. Would you get this App? 
  2. If no, what concerns would you like to see it addressed?
  3. Have you taken a Contact Tracing course?
  4. If yes, how much (on a 5 point scale from low to high) do you think this App would help the public health challenge? 
  5. And, what percent of case would likely use the App if they are made aware of it?

3 replies


until there is adequate testing and the needed follow up testing, no app, etc will be of any true value.   Vaccine for all.

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Switzerland just launched contact tracing leveraging Apple-Google API per BBC  article .   Latvia next. 

In the next few months, hopefully they will provide how well technology helps their citizens be alerted of their exposure and take timely action accordingly.

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From two responses on this thread including this  from a person who completed Contact Tracing, the interest in adopting Technology to accelerate people’s awareness of possibly exposed to the virus and Public Health agencies response will take a much longer time to come through.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to hear from anyone in these nine countries that have the technology in place per    The countries are:  Singapore, Australia, France, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, India, and China.