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Antibiotic Resistance, The most threatening issue of the next century.

  • 10 August 2019
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Please share something that you know and give some advice that can help us to prevent antibiotic resistance.....

4 replies

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Thanks for starting this discussion, @Md. Masum Billah.

I believe a large reason we are in this position is due to the global demand for meat. Because of this, we are creating concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)/factory farms and giving way too many antibiotics to the poor animals to keep them alive in very unhealthy conditions where they would otherwise die from disease. Humans are eating far more meat than is necessary and creating many health risks for ourselves as a result – not just because too much meat negatively impacts our personal health, but also because of the dangerous environment of antibiotic resistance we're creating, the enormous amount of water and grain that goes into these productions, and the release of methane gas into the air.

Here's a recent publication related to antibiotic resistance and CAFOs: Overuse of Antibiotics in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Regulation and Tort Law
do not throw the unused medication which are present the house in the trash bins etc..because the bacteria present in that bins are getting resistant to that.
it is one of the reason in our community
1.Increasing self medication
2. Availabilty of antibiotic Over the counter
3. Not completing the dose of antibiotic
These all above is reason of increasing antibiotic resistance. If you want to work and research on antibiotic resistance. Then PM me we ll colloborate. Thanks