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All about Coronavirus: A Video for Kids and Their Families

  • 22 May 2020
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All about Coronavirus: A Video for Kids and Their Families
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The School of Public Health at the University of Michigan has created this thoughtful short video and companion guide to help families and their kids (ages 6–11) talk about the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is in English but you can turn on subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, or Spanish. The companion guide is also available in these languages.

Let us know what you think. What has worked well for you in talking about the coronavirus pandemic with your kids?


6 replies

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Very nice and thoughtful video! Will share with my grandchildren.

Children need engagement and it's our duty to help them do this constructively. More so during lockdown when schools and colleges are closed in India and much of the world. Believe you me, it's a very very unusual moment in their lives when they hear of the admittedly scary and disturbing news floating around in the electronic and social media from which they're hardly immune. I can tell you that their psyche is affected and there should be out of the box solutions to soothe their tender nerves.

The attempts made in the video in educating them about the virus will definitely enable them to confront the situation with more maturity and less trepidation. This, coupled with meaningful engagements like online classes and psychological interventions, physical activities, constructive quizzes, meaningful readings, a nutritious diet and facetiming with friends nonchalantly during the evenings are additional suggested routines in their daily lives. Parents need to create an atmosphere, conducive to giving them a sense of love and security.

If there's  one thing I would like to advocate for children, it is to let them go about life as normally as possible, with a scientific realism of the prevalent situation, as suggested by the author.

Just as behavioral finance teaches you so many things that theoretical and statistical finance cannot, so also suchlike interventions through such videos, comics (with their favorite characters as protagonists) etc., will hopefully help them tide over these tough times.




This video was very simple to watch and interested to encourage kids how to be safe and healthy to avoid coming close contact with for those whos been affected by coronavirus.  


Amazing video ❤️

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Very nice! Thank you!


The video touches upon all the pertinent points which children must know. It is beautifully curated for the little ones. Thanks for sharing!


Excellent for kids, simple and sweet. It’s nice that it is a kid narrating the video vs an adult, seems like kids would be more receptive to that. Maybe even a good video grandparents who are not taking social distancing seriously :relaxed: