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What is the best Life Sciences Course you have taken?

  • 26 October 2018
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thank you @Denise that is so generous of you to reply such detailed answer. No problem if they are not offering it now, meanwhile i will look forward to other suggestion you guys have gave me.
i do have a background of science and currently i am enrolled in MS microbiology and immunology program thats why i was interested in advance programs and also (i do love immunology) microbiology is least of my interest thats why i was looking for neurology and genetics related course because its where my curiosity lies.
after becoming part of this community with your help i am determined to take medical neuroscience and few other courses that you guys have suggested me.
you have been a great help ☺
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Glad to be of some help @Asma Sattar . 😊 It's wonderful that you already have science and biology background. Hopefully, these courses will equip you better both for your current MS course and for a PhD program that you may follow afterwards.

Wishing you best of success in all these courses, for your MS studies and thereafter as well. ☺
thank you for the informative thread
the courses I took and found it interesting:
1. learning how to learn
2. writing in science
3.medical statistics
4.clinical neurology
  1. is offering a strategy to develop yourself
  2. very informative
  3. too difficult but beneficial
  4. teaches you how to think about neurology issues
I would like to take courses in dementia and cognition. any recommendations?
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Hello @Safaa Ali , thank you for highlighting those courses. I think I might have overlapped with you in some of those courses; your name looks familiar. If you are talking about the statistics course called "Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp" course, which is now in 2 parts, yes, it was one of the most challenging courses for me as well. I remember students once again almost "howling" on the forums (as mentioned for another course earlier) when I took it a few years ago. However, as you say, it was worth in the end...

There is a course on dementia but I have not taken it yet: https://www.coursera.org/learn/dementia-care

Here are a couple of related ones too: https://www.coursera.org/learn/memory-and-movies


Here are a couple of courses on cognition (if you meant courses on "cognition" separately): https://www.coursera.org/learn/philosophy-cognitive-sciences


I guess Medical Neuroscience course also would cover some of these concepts.

I have not taken any of these courses yet. If others have taken them, perhaps they could comment on them here as well?