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professional certificates – financial aid available?

  • 10 September 2019
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how to take this

is there any financial aid available for this to masters or for degree financial option is there

or can I take one year subscription so that I don't need to pay all courses

5 replies

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@SUKUMARSAMMY Hey I hope you're having a great day so far. I can try and help you navigate this if you'd like! If so, could you provide me with a little more information on which professional certificates you're referring to? Thanks in advance for the additional information.
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thanks for reply

what i meant was i didn't find scholarship or financial option for public health masters course and for i didn't find aid for professional certificates i there any aid or scholarship for masters or professional certificate .

coursera providing phd ??
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@SUKUMARSAMMY Here is a link regarding the guidelines on financial aid and how to apply.
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actually I apologize for wrong question I was referring to global masters for public health course I didn't found aid for this more over its very expensive course I cannot pay that much fee that is m asking for aid or schlorship
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@SUKUMARSAMMY Thanks for clarifying. This was taken directly from the college offering that program: Scholarships

The School of Public Health and Imperial College offer a number of limited Scholarships for their masters programmes. Anyone interested in a Scholarship will need to apply separately, directly to the School of Public Health, based on an approved application and acceptance into the degree programme.
To apply, please visit the School of Public Health, Imperial College web page.

Try reaching the college