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Let's Talk Health: Q&A with Stephanie Bousheri

Let's Talk Health: Q&A with Stephanie Bousheri
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Stephanie Bousheri leads Health Strategy at Coursera. She wants to answer your questions about the health industry, the incredible investment we're seeing in the health tech space and other things health related you might be curious about.

Between April 9 and 23, reply to this post with your questions for Stephanie.

About the Q&A Host
Stephanie Bousheri started her career as a nurse before advancing her education through her studies at UC Davis and UCSF. She joined Coursera last year after transitioning off the founding team of her last company. Stephanie’s an accomplished health technology leader and clinician executive with global experience in product strategy, commercialization, and business development. Throughout her career she has focused on ways to use tech and the idea of scale to help others — she founded her first non-profit to provide healthcare to the underserved, took the first therapeutic HIV vaccine to Africa, and has spent the last 8 years working with industry and start-ups to bring novel solutions to market and drive company growth. In her free time she gives back by sitting on three Boards, and advising early stage companies.

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hi how can we promote holistic healthcare approach of people towards their health and make them to take it more seriously . as in this world more and more people are falling prey to the diabetes and many other diseases so what should be our approach.


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